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Ideas are the Activity of Our World                        Working Through Our Small Business Community to Inspire This Value Added Service Resource . . . . . . . GTMBC's Market Square is a Perfect Example of Utilizing Technology as a Constant Referral Resource Center while Preserving the Best Utilization of Present and Future Generated Marketing and Sales Capabilities. 

WELCOME to GTMBC's . . . . . . . . ."New" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Small Business Market Square . . . . . . . . . .  Discovering the "G"lobal "T"echnology "M"ega "B"usiness "C"enter . . . . . . . . . . . .

PRESENTING . . . . . Our Service-Oriented Global Technology Mega Business Center as keys to our M/WBE vendors success. We are dedicated to producing quality value added small business services, and an in-house state-of-the-art-e-web marketing tool.  Take a Look . . . . .The “New” GTMBC Market Square fosters our strong belief there is 1st much to be acknowledged about M/WBE/HUB “vendor-to-vendor” buying and purchasing, and 2nd because of the Council’s strong vendor supplier base its important that we promote teaming and joint-ventures among our M/WBE/HUB’s.  The Golden Triangle Minority Business Council’s New” Market Square is the cutting edge venue for its Certified M/WBE/HUB vendors to reach their full potential in its “G” Global “T” Technology ”M” Mega “B” Business “C” Center New Market Square. 

Procurement Opportunities, click this link.  Bids and Classifieds, click this link.  Business-to-Business w/M/WBEs, click this link.  Jobs and Employment Opportunities, click this link.  For Sale Equipment, click this link. For Sale Items, click this link. Want to Buy, click this link.

Maybe you as a small business are not ready to start marketing your small business as a “certified” Golden Triangle Minority Business Council M/WBE/HUB, but you still want to explore your company options to new markets and network your business through our “New” Global Technology Mega Business Center Market Square.  We can help! We have plenty of opportunities all over the world for you to see what GTMBC is doing to foster economic growth for small businesses.  Take a look, and you decide . . . . . 

The GTMBC Market Square plays an important role in this “uniqueness” of the Council’s web site.  It is structured to be a favorite place for its M/WBE vendors, Corporate Sponsors, visitors and friends alike. The GTMBC Market Square truly reflects the Global Technology world of today, and is poised to become a “favorite” Mega Business Center.  The GTMBC Market Square is set to become a variety of marketing plazas within the Council scope of services to its membership.  

GTMBC’s Market Square is a perfect example of utilizing technology to as a constant referral resource center while  preserving the best utilization of present and future generated marketing and sales capabilities.

There is much history here with the Golden Triangle Minority Business Council dating back as early as 1989,

But the “NEW” Market Square is constructed as a cyber space permanent market for the ease of networking and advertising vendors goods and services.

In addition to marketing, the GTMBC Market Square can be a perpetual venue and/or “Minute-At-The-Mic” in order for the M/WBE vendors to constantly get the word out about their small business capabilities.  Visitors to this Market Square avail themselves to a myriad of Certified M/WBEs and small businesses.

This official founding of what we now call GTMBC’s “New” Market Square is designed as an “Open-For-Business” Market Square, and not as a “parking lot” on Interstate IH-10 where traffic is stalled in all lanes.  This new marketplace was further developed as the premier market Square for established businesses to prosper through economic growth by showcasing their goods and services through this public marketplace.  Down through the years, private businesses grew up around the market.  The market thrived until a more modern e-commerce business format was established in the city’s of Southeast Texas.  There were years when business growth were not easy ones for the minority-owned business and women-owned small businesses of the area.  But, through the leadership of the founding individuals of the Golden Triangle Minority Business Council like Dr. Bill Echols, they found a way to establish the Council.  This small transaction led to the eventual development of the GTMBC which provides a unique partnership in economic Development by consolidating the interests and resources of industries and M/WBE's.   And it opened the way for increasing diversity as exemplified by today’s various ethnic minority and women-owned small businesses operating businesses and preparing to someday be selling products from all over the world.